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Welcome to DaPix Studio, the best class Studio of Graphic Design. Perhaps you believe that perfect pictures are simply out of reach? Perhaps you believe that perfect pictures are the private domain of the rich who desire them and of the professionals who create them? That may well have been the case in the past however; DaPix Studio is built on a mission statement of providing an equal opportunity to all picture lovers. Simply stated, I have leveled the playing field by allowing anyone, regardless of background, to turn their imperfect photos into mini masterpieces quickly, simply, and inexpensively as well as creating a perfect image for your company.

My name is Kate Ponomareva and I am a founder of "DaPix Studio". I am a freelance graphic designer with a special interest in creating branding designs: logos, business cards, letterheads, envelopes etc, wedding book designs, high fashion image retouching, restoration and other advertising materials: posters, flyers, greeting cards, brochures etc. My work is clean, thoughtful and elegant.

I am originally from Russia and I currently live in the Chicago area. I have always been passionate about art, design and photography. Check out my photography web site www.photo.dapixstudio.com

Again, I welcome you to the world of DaPix Studio. Thank you so much for stopping by. Drop off your order, pick it up tomorrow, and I assure you you’ll be a DaPix devotee for life.



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